Eliminate Up to 90%
of Your Processing Fees

Want to accept credit cards, without the monthly bill? PayLo can save you thousands this year by making one simple switch. Watch our video to find out how or contact us today for a free PayLo Proposal for your business and see how much you can save.

What is a cash discount and why should I switch?

There is a lot of confusion around cash discount programs today, and not all are created equal. Find out why PayLo is the best choice for your business:

Simple Enrollment

We offer a simple enrollment process.
Select your service fee and setup your signs. Everything is pre-programmed
and ready to go.

Equipment Options

Choose from terminal enabled cash discount technology. The installed PayLo technology automatically determines service fees and cash discount amounts.

Huge Savings

All those service fees add up to thousands in savings every year. Upgrade equipment, give a raise, or just take a much deserved vacation with your fee savings.

See Your Savings

Know that you have options when determining your service fee. In most cases, a flat per-transaction fee is the best method, while other businesses have better results with a percentage-based fee. While we’d prefer to eliminate all your costs, some merchants like to split it with their customers. Try out our savings calculator to see what setup works best for you.

Average TicketAmount Paid in
Merchant Fees
New Monthly
Processing Cost
Montly Savings Savings Per Year
Business A$50$600$24.95$575$6900
Business B$550$1200$24.95$1,175$14,100
Business C$550$3500$24.95$3,475$41,700
Business D$1500$5000$24.95$4975$59,700

Great Equipment Options

Whether you just need a rugged terminal, a full-service POS or a full web-checkout solution, we have the platform to help run and manage your cash discount program.

  1. Point of Sale - Need a full POS? The PayLo POS can convert your transactions and much much more: Manage inventory, table layout creation, create & customize items, transaction reporting and multi-location ready.  Details
  2. Terminals - The PayLo Terminals provide robust transaction processing. Durable and dependable, they are perfect for high-volume fast-paced sales environments. Dejavoo Z9 & Z11 and Pax S80.  Details
  3. Gateway - Have a full-service cash discount business with the PayLo Gateway. All online web-checkout transactions will be able to process cash discount fees.  Details

Automated Cash Discount Technology

– Meets federal and state cash discount regulations

– Built-in cash discount coding

– Automated service fees & discounts

– Automatically covers processing fees

– Detailed customer reciepts

A legal cash discount program requires customers to be notified prior to sale – and we have you covered. We provide all the signage you need, free of charge. We also provide you with in-depth employee training, customer education materials and a support hotline to call with any questions.

Getting Started

Setup is quick and easy with no hidden costs or fees. Talk to us today to get a custom savings analysis for your business.